Unless it is a one-setup shoot, shooting requires a filmmaker to keep shifting setups from one place to another. Along with the setups it is required to move equipment, casts, crew members and their belongings. This is where an efficient transport service provider proves its mettle. A good transport service provider studies your needs carefully and accordingly provides customized solutions.

If your shooting location is Morocco, then you can find the best transportation services with us. We are Morocco Film Production Company and we provide customized transportation solution to foreign filmmakers for filming in Morocco. We understand the vivid transport requirements of our clients and thereby provide them with ultra-professional services. The following is a list of the transportation solutions that we have to offer.

  • Vanity vans
  • Cast and crew trailers
  • Production and multi-purpose trailers
  • Small cars
  • Limousines/ executive sedans for cast of the movie
  • Vintage cars
  • Sports cars
  • Cars for special occasions
  • Buses
  • 4×4 vehicles for rough terrains -Charter planes and helicopter for celebrities and high profile crew members

Whatever be your transportation requirements, we have a solution. All our vehicles are clean, well kept, highly reliable, efficient, and are perfectly suitable for the transportation requirements in Morocco. Additionally, all our vehicles are driven by very experienced drivers. Our drivers are multilingual and have worked on similar projects in the past so language is never an issue with them. All of them have been hand picked to provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience.

As for renting you have the option to rent on a daily basis or over a period of time. You can also choose cars with or without drivers. Letting us take care of your transportation needs is a sure way of making your shoot as comfortable, as easy and as affordable as possible.