Shooting in Morocco

What does shooting in Morocco require? Well, it requires perfect locations, a team of professional actors, location scouts, extras, make up artists, hair dressers, fashion stylists, directors, assistant directors, cameramen, assistant cameramen, gaffers, grips, set designers, soundmen, script supervisors, and a whole bunch of other people working in sync to ensure the perfect final outcome. Choosing Morocco as your shooting location and the Morocco Film Production Company as your production partner can make shooting in Morocco a lot easier.

Morocco provides you with unparalleled shooting locations that can easily double as many other countries. This has made many directors choose Morocco as their favorite shooting destination – “Lawrence of Arabia” with Saudi Arabia as the setting, “Jesus of Nazareth” with Palestine as the setting, “The Man Who Would Be King” with India as the setting, “Kundun” with Tibet as the setting have all been shot in Morocco. It is the diverse landscape of Morocco that has enabled the directors to accomplish this feat. Furthermore, some world-renowned directors like Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott can’t stop coming back to Morocco again and again for their movies.

It is not only the movies that are being shot in Morocco; Morocco is also making its place in the shooting of several other genres of production: TV commercials, music videos, fashion photography shoots, TV shows, and documentaries. These are increasingly being shot in Morocco – apart from the diverse landscapes that Morocco offers, other features of Morocco that attract producers are its proximity to the western countries, the best infrastructure in the region, simplified permit and custom procedure, and a friendly government.

Our role in making your shooting experience in Morocco ultra-comfortable

Morocco Film Production Company has expertise in arranging the best infrastructure and shooting crew for you. Equipped with our expertise, shooting in Morocco will become a lot easier. Over the years we have lent our hand in the successful completion of a diverse range of shootings: TV commercials, music videos, fashion photography shoots, TV shows, feature films, documentaries and more. Give us a chance to be your shooting and production partner and see the production sail through effortlessly.