Morocco Film Production is a leading solution provider in the field of film production in Morocco and we help you in transforming your ideas into enticing productions. Our office in New York enables us to keep ourselves updated with the latest in the Hollywood and our office in Marrakesh allows us to match up with the latest infrastructure in the world and provide that to you in Morocco.

As your film production solution provider, we help you in the following areas:

Getting Morocco film permit: Our office in Morocco allows us to not only help you with the permit but also speed up the process for you.

Arranging film equipment: We can arrange the latest film equipment for you to give you a comfortable filming experience in Morocco.

Finding exotic Moroccan landscapes: We know the most exotic and scenic filming locations in Morocco and you can discuss with us regarding the locations you require for your film project

Crew members: When you use our services you do not need to worry about crew members, we will help you find the most professional crew members in no time.

Weather: Although Moroccan weather is pleasant all round the year, there are some places to be avoided especially for shootings in a particular season. We will help you with in planning your film schedule in a way that will save you from the inconveniences of visiting in an extreme season.

The advantage of using our services lies in the fact that with us you will get the expertise of many top film production companies in Morocco. Over the years we have developed a strong network of the best film production companies in Morocco, all of whom have been carefully selected.

    – We are CCM certified (CCM – Moroccan Cinematographic Centre which is the sole governing agency of Moroccan film industry).
    – We have excellent past records in producing films, documentaries, TV serials, and fashion shoots.
    – We have the state-of-the-art film production equipments that you can utilize for the shooting of your film.
    – We have professional and multilingual film crew members, all of whom are backed with past experiences in similar projects.

We understand that although production needs vary on the surface, but in the core every good production requires a thorough professional approach. With the help of the same professional approach, we have helped countless companies come up with great productions. So let us know of your plans of film shooting in Morocco and leave the rest on us. We assure you of the best filmmaking experience in Morocco. Browse through our site for more information.