Morocco Film location services

Morocco has some of the most exotic film locations in the world. These locations resemble a lot of countries and have been used by many directors as a double of those countries. Morocco has everything from beaches and snow-capped mountains to vast tracts of the Saharan Desert that make scenic film locations. Due to its perfect locations, Morocco is also increasingly being used as a preferred fashion shoot location, TV commercial shooting location, and a documentary shoot location.

With so many locations to consider, selecting an appropriate location can be tricky at times. This is where our film locations scouting service comes in picture. We help you choose the most fitting shooting locations in Morocco with the help of our partners. Our aim is to help you find the location that is closest to what you have in your mind. Our Morocco Film Location services will go through your script and suggest you the best location according to the need of the script. Below is a list of some of the most popular Morocco scouting services/activities.

Location scouting Marrakesh
Marrakesh is one of the most colorful cities in Morocco that has been the setting of many films. Situated near the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has been used innumerable number of times by film makers. It provides one with the opportunity to shoot in the Atlas Mountains, the ancient medinas and the traditional souks. The most famous films shot in Marrakesh include Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2, Hideous Kinky, and Exorcist.

Location scouting Sahara
If you are planning to make a movie with the Arabian countries as the setting then the Sahara tract of Morocco is the perfect place for you. The desert with camel caravans and unending sand dunes gives you the exact look of the Arabian Desert. Notable films shot in the Sahara tract include Lawrence of Arabia and Sahara.

Location scouting Essaouira
Situated on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and touted as one of the friendliest and most laid back beaches in the world, Essaouira is gaining popularity as a top shooting destination for movies with beach scenes. One of the top movies shot in Essaouira is Othello.

Location scouting Casablanca
Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and one of the largest harbors in the world is also known for its ultra-modern city life, buildings and surfer-friendly beaches. There are several locations in Casablanca which will perfectly fit many scripts. Spy Game is one of the most popular movies shot in Casablanca.

Location scouting Tangier
Tangier is one of the most modern cities of Morocco and offers great facilities to tourists and filmmakers alike. The clean streets, architecture, and the scenic locations in the city make it a prime location for shooting movies in Morocco. A part of the popular movie The Bourne Ultimatum was shot in Tangier.

Location scouting Sale
Sale is the twin city to the capital Rabat of Morocco. The beautifully designed mosques in the city make it a brilliant tourist attraction. The souks also attract visitors because of the shopping opportunities here. Parts of the movie Black Hawk Down were shot in Sale.

Location scouting Ouarzazate
One of the largest movie studios in the, Atlas Studios is located in Ouarzazate. The city has been used as a location in several popular movies like, Gladiator, Alexander, Lawrence of Arabia and Kundun and Sacred Sites of the World

Other popular Shooting locations in Morocco

Other much sought shooting locations in Morocco include Fez, Atlas Mountains, Erfoud, and Merzouga.

At Morocco Film Production, our endeavor is to simplify the process of locating the most suitable shooting destinations for you. Contact us for more information.