Film Equipment

Filmmaking is a complex process and one of the factors that increase the complexity is the ever improving film equipment. This brings filmmakers in a situation where they have to continuously upgrade their equipment or risk lagging behind in the competition. Latest film equipment not only gives a filmmaker an advantage over his competitors but its use also results in better movies.

The hurdle, however, is their cost, availability, and size. Modern equipment is very expensive, gets outdated very soon and is quite difficult to move around all the times especially when the shooting is overseas. Carrying the equipment overseas, in addition to the inconvenience, also costs a filmmaker quite some money in the form of custom duties.

If you have zeroed in on Morocco as your shooting location then your association with us can be the perfect film equipment solution for you. Our office in New York allows us to keep a constant tab on the latest in the world of film equipment and our office in Marrakesh allows us to deliver it in Morocco. With us, you can enjoy shooting without the worry of custom clearances (in case you decide to buy from us) or the worry of the equipment getting outdated (in case you decide to rent it from us).

We and our partners have one of the largest stocks of latest equipment at your disposal in Morocco. With us you can choose high quality equipment like:

  • Cameras and camera lenses: We have a really huge collection of the latest cameras and camera lenses.
  • Lights: Spotlights, Softlights, Parlights, Quartzs, Incands, and other lighting accessories
  • Grips: GF-8 cranes, cinejibs, espaces, dollies, bazookas, and other grip accessories
  • Audio equipment: Cable and wireless microphones, microphone accessories, recorders and other sound equipment
  • Stands of all types: Backlight, Spartan, Gladiator, Samsan, Goliath stands, and a lot more
  • Communication devices: Walki-talkies, radio equipment, receivers, transceivers and more.
  • Miscellaneous: Digibeta, cranes, fans, wind machines, generators (power, fog and smoke), and helicopters.
  • Military equipment: Only few companies can help you in this area, we are one of them. With us you get the opportunity of not only using Moroccan military equipment, but also military personnel in movies, documentaries, and other productions.

Our way of working is very intuitive; we take your request and let our partners come with quotes. Partners with the lowest quotes are then suggested to you. This process assures that the latest equipment is delivered to you on time and at the most affordable price. Please contact us.