Custom clearance

Custom clearance is required whenever you arrive in or leave any county with personal goods, equipment, or similar items. The aim of custom clearance is two fold – on one hand it fetches the country revenue in the form of custom duties and on the other hand it safeguards the country against hazardous items. Notwithstanding its benefits, custom clearance can at times be time consuming and burdensome.

Morocco, since 1990, when the custom reforms were envisaged, has come a long way in making custom clearance a lot easier than before. As a result of the reforms, cargo control was improved for both exporters and importers, custom clearance sites were opened outside port and airport domain, selectivity in controls was introduced, and document processing was computerized. The results are for everyone to see. It is due to these reforms that custom clearance is much easier now as compared to 1980’s.

At Morocco Film Production, we make getting custom clearance even easier for you. We, with our partners have been working in the field of film production in Morocco for quite some time now and have expertise in handling all kinds of equipments both at the seaports and at the airports. It is not only the import of equipments that we help you with, after you are ready to wind up and want your equipments to be sent back to your country we will help you do that too. We will arrange for its clearance in as less time as possible so that you can receive them at appropriate locations and use them at the earliest. In all, we take care of preparation of documents and their submission, calculation of taxes, duties, and excises on your behalf, and the facilitation of communication between you and the government authorities. The result is fast, easy, fool-proof, and hassle-free custom clearance. Contact us for more information on custom clearance in Morocco.