Casting in Morocco

Casting in Morocco is an all important pre-production process of selecting the actors for any film. Casting is usually done by the casting director with inputs from the director, producers, and choreographers. It is a known fact that casting has a big role in the success of any movie/production. If you have selected Morocco as the location of your film and wondering about casts then you can consult Morocco Film Production for all your casting requirements.

Choosing the cast for your production in Morocco rather than getting them along with you has many advantages. Here is a look at some of them.

Moroccan cast will be economical: You will not also save on the airfare but also on the wages. Moroccans, as compared to their western counterparts, charge much less for a similar role.

People from many cultural backgrounds: Standing at the cross roads of many cultures: African, European and the Arab, Morocco provides amazing diversity of people, these people speak languages like English, Arabic, Berbers, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. This diversity of languages allows you to select a cast according to the script.

Enthusiasm of Moroccans towards films: The search for actors is further made easier by the warm attitude of Moroccans towards films and people of other cultures. Moroccans also know the importance of movies in bringing their nation on the world map thus they instinctively support foreign filmmakers and take active participation in the screening process.

People of all age groups are available for casting in films: There are people of all age groups that can be used for casting in film projects in Morocco. The availability of several casting calls for children, adults, aged ones by various casting call agencies has made Moroccans well aware of the rewards of being selected in a movie. This makes sure that there is no dearth of talent in any age group.

Our role in helping you with the cast selection

With Morocco Film Production, casting will become an easy experience. We partner with several Moroccan casting call agencies having expertise in casting children, adults, males, females, multilingual people and people speaking specific language(s). We also have a database of people who have experience of working in movies. With our services you can save a lot of time and money in casting people in your film projects. So if you are looking for experienced Moroccan actors or extras (western or local) look no further, contact us today!